These Mohair Socks Don't Require as Many Washes

 - May 4, 2016
References: corrymoor & mashable
A couple running a small farm in East Devon recently began selling mohair socks that naturally repel odors. The new socks not only solve the problem of getting an unpleasant whiff each time you take off your shoes, but they also mean less laundry.

The mohair socks are sold by Steve and Jenny Whitley, who currently run a mohair knitwear company called 'Corrymoor.' Unlike socks made from other materials, mohair does not trap the kinds of bacteria that typically causes foot odor. This means that the Corrymoor socks can be worn on a continuous basis without any stench or discomfort. As a result, users can wear the socks for days or weeks at a time without the need to wash them.

With a growing demand for technical fabrics, the mohair socks provide a new option for consumers looking for durable hosiery.