Modular Furniture by Sanjin Halilovic Perplexes Form and Function

 - Apr 7, 2011
References: yankodesign
They key to adaptable interiors often lies in the flexibility of one's furnishings, and this quirky set of modular furniture by Sanjin Halilovic is the definition of adaptability in design.

Each irregular object is made up of wooden panels in eccentric arrangements that are coated in matte white acrylic paint and trimmed with blue, red, yellow or black edges. As separate entities, each composition can fulfill a task from chair or shelved coffee table, to foot stool or ottoman. When pieced together with borders touching, the assortment can form an elongated lounger or recliner, and when stacked fully, a quadrilateral storage system.

Whether shelf or seat, this example of modular furniture by Sanjin Halilovic has de Stijl revival written all over it.