The Conceptual QS Supplies Modern Shower is Designed to Relax and Cleanse

 - Dec 4, 2015
References: qssupplies & homecrux
The QS Supplies Modern Shower, aptly titled the 'Arch Shower,' is an innovatively relaxing approach to life in the bathroom.

The tri-stream shower heads in the conceptual QS Supplies Modern Shower are designed to massage the body and offer an experience that will stimulate like never before.

Each stream of water in the QS Supplies Modern Shower can be completely controlled regarding temperature, which means a warm stream and a cold stream can be paired to deliver a somewhat confusing yet stimulating experience.

The arch design of the QS Supplies Modern Shower features cutouts that are utilized for lighting, ventilation and storing essentials like soaps and shampoos, which makes the most use of space in small quarters.