The World's Fastest Model Rocket Car was Built by an 18-Year-Old

A British high school student named Samvir Thandi has developed the world's fastest model rocket car, able to hit a rip-roaring 288 mph. A student of the Heathland School, Thandi managed to break the previous rocket car speed record by over 80 mph. The previous record-holder was also constructed by Heathland School students, just last year.

The car is named the SST-3B-Falcon, borrowing its name from Samvir's initials, the initials of his three teachers and the Falcon Project, which gave him a rocket for the car.

Six model rocket cars attempted to surpass the world record at a competition held at the Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire. Four of the six vehicles exploded in the process, but Thandi's SST-3B-Falcon held its own to topple the record.