Model Eniko Mihalik Poses in Abandoned Stations for Numéro August 2014

For the Numéro August 2014 issue, talented photographer Yelena Yemchuk shot beautiful redheaded model Eniko Mihalik in an abandoned subway station. The editorial focused around structured pieces, classical looks and all around glamorous fashion.

Mihalik's voluptuous red hair leaves her looking like quite the ethereal siren as she sits alone on park benches and leans back against subway platforms. For some reason, the town is completely abandoned as Mihalik walks around wearing retro pink feather coats, ballroom gowns and leather trench coats. As Mihalik promenades around the town visiting the harbor, seaside and train station Yemchuk captures her stunning glamour silhouette and uncanny good looks. Makeup artist Marla Belt gave Mihalik a beautifully subtle smokey eye and a rosy red lip.

My favorite image is of Mihalik in a red, black and white checkered coat waiting for the train.