McCain's Potential Running Mate Bobby Jindal

 - Jun 27, 2008
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Bobby Jindal, the 37 year governor of Louisiana, has been mentioned as a possible running mate to John McCain, the Republican presidential hopeful. Jindal, who is of Indian heritage but converted from Hinduism to Catholicism while in high School, has built an impressive resume which include stints as president of the state university system, a Congressman and now governor.

But one of Jindal's job titles that didn't get a whole lot of attention before is suddenly commanding a lot of interestâ€"and it just might prompt a few questions and raise a few eyebrows if his Veep candidacy gains any steam: Bobby Jindal is an exorcist.

I don't know Jindal's skill level as an exorcist, but I can say this much: If the guy becomes McCain's running mate, bloggers, late night show hosts and comedians of all stripes will have the longest field day of their lives.