'Nessle' by Sarah Hutchinson is a Mobile Table for Single Individuals

 - Dec 4, 2015
References: hutchinsonsarah & homecrux
A growing number of consumers are living alone, so the 'Nessle' by Sarah Hutchinson is a mobile table with a modular twist to enable more comfortable solutions for the single consumer to eat and play. Part of the project 'LONEEATERS,' the 'Nessle' mobile table by Sarah Hutchinson is a combination of two portions: the lower half functions as a seat and pedestal, whereas the top works as a table surface and arm rest.

The functional piece of decor is designed to make lounging, eating and working more economically suited the single individual. While couches and armchairs can feel too big, the 'Nessle' mobile table is informal enough to be used daily, yet formal enough that it won't stick out like a sore thumb in homes.