This Chart Illustrates the Rise of Phone Photographers Globaly

 - Jul 31, 2014
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This mobile photography infographic illustrates the growing fad and explores the statistics of the global hobby. When compared to the first cell phone photo ever taken in 1997, today's Nokia Lumia 41 megapixel camera phone makes SLR devices a thing of the past.

Because of their quality cameras, smartphones are replacing traditional photography tools and have spawned a generation of mobile photographers with 21% residing in North America. This concentration of phone photographers is the highest in the world and is highly influenced by photo-based social network Instagram.

Due to Instagram's real-time appeal, photographers have replaced the time-consuming photo process with a three step ritual that includes snapping, editing and sharing. This phenomenon is inspiring camera manufacturers to create social media-integrated devices modeled after smartphones that offer an all-in one mobile and camera gadget for users.