This Tool Lets Designers Create Simple, Attractive Client Mockups

 - Jun 14, 2018
References: kapwing & producthunt
Designers spend untold hours creating professional mobile apps that look sparkling, and Mobile Mockup Maker gives them a pain-free way to present the product of that toil to clients and team members. The easy tool lets designers upload their work into a smartphone frame, presenting it in a native environment that helps people to conceptualize how the app will look and feel by the time it makes its way to the end user.

One might expect designers to be among the few who could quickly create a mockup, but without any purpose-built software that's a surprisingly frustrating task. Doing so Google Slides is an exercise in precision, and other software isn't free to use. Mobile Mockup Maker is free and simple, giving just the right balance between templates and personalization.