The Wakaka Store in Tianjin Displays the Brand's Gadgets and Apps

 - Apr 9, 2016
The Wakaka store in Tianjin, China, is a glowing contemporary space that serves as a temporary gadget and mobile app boutique. The Wakaka brand commissioned architecture studio Penda to realize the temporary store space, which is located inside a shopping center and boasts a wooden modular storage system that adds a natural feel to the merchandising experience, while also recalling the imagery of pixels.

The Tianjin mobile app boutique serves a unique blend between virtual and physical worlds and is one example of the emergence of innovative brick-and-mortar spaces where consumers can go to learn about and try out digital products and experiences.

After six month in this new location, the Wakaka mobile app boutique will be taken apart and relocated into six smaller outlets in both Tianjin and Beijing.