This Mixed Media Series is Ironic and Degrading

 - Mar 28, 2014
References: hesterjones & featureshoot
This surprising and powerful mixed media series shows viewers how the artist feels about how the world, the media and the male population treat both animals and women in the most degrading of ways.

Showing men with an all-conquering and macho attitude, the London-based artist Hester Jones creates work that is provocative and critical, as much as it is moving. Highlighting the issue of gender and testosterone-filled activities in patriarchal society, the ‘You Take My Breath Away’ mixed media series is both aesthetically stunning and grotesque.  

Artfully combining the ironic and juxtaposition image of trophy hunting and trophy-like women wearing animal prints, Jones investigates the still ongoing issues of the misinterpretation of women and how the compassionless hunting sport’s still prevail—both for the satisfaction of man.