Mitten by Katharina Hinsberg References the Importance of Grids in Art

 - Aug 9, 2012
References: & mymodernmet
The art installation titled Mitten by Katharina Hinsberg, an artist based in Hombroich, Germany, is completely captivating. It is made up of a network of scarlet spheres that form a striking grid-like formation. As though plucked straight out of a computer database, the mesmerizing matrix has a digital aesthetic that is incredibly futuristic.

Part of a group exhibition called Rasterfahndung, which roughly means 'dragnet' in German, Mitten by Katharina Hinsberg references the common theme throughout: grid art. Essentially, the exhibit focuses on the importance of grids in art, its influence and how it has changed over the course of time. In regards to Mitten, there is a signature abstractness and repetition of lines and shapes that singles it out from the rest. It is currently on display at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.