Mistletoe Kissing Prank Captures Unwanted Smooches from the Unexpected

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: youtube
Haven't you ever wanted to land a smooch on the best looking guy in your school's library? The Mistletoe Kissing Prank captures some hilarious holiday cheer. The YouTube user Stuart Edge has uploaded a video of himself filming two of his friends posing as survey takers in a local university. Both Nate and Kailtin begin to ask unsuspected bystanders about traditional holiday festivities followed by a proposed question about mistletoe.

After a question surrounding the integrity of upholding the kissing mistletoe tradition, a piece descends from the ceiling. Nate and Kaitlin ask their victims if they can have a kiss to uphold the tradition. Most people happily offer to lay a smooch but some of the reactions will leave you in stitches.