MissingMoney.com May Have The Cash You've Been Looking For

 - Mar 23, 2009
References: online.wsj
Missingmoney.com is better than using Google Maps to search the earth, so let’s go treasure hunting online.

Missingmoney.com can locate any money that is yours and may be sitting in some state treasury. Better than any ol' bailout, this is your cash that you may have forgotten about because it was a tax refund you never received because you moved before it got to you. It could also be a utility deposit, or some bank dividends, even your last paycheck before you skipped out, or who knows what?

$33 billion is sitting just waiting to be claimed. Attention New York and California residents: your states do not participate in Missingmoney.com, so you should go to a website from the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators’ Web site, unclaimed.org.

While you should never pay a fee to reclaim your property, it can be a long process, so be patient, and happy hunting for your missing money.