Ethan Huber Designs Geometric Living Room Gems

 - Sep 26, 2009   Updated: Jul 13 2011
References: coroflot & coroflot
Missing piece furniture is not a title given by the designer to this collection, but missing piece furniture is immediately what popped into my Shel Silverstein-loving mind right when my eyes fell on these geometric and eye-pleasing pieces of interior decor.

Designed by Ethan Huber, the missing piece furniture adds a poetic sense of intimacy to any room: or maybe I am just conveying my huge love for Shel Silverstein.

Implications - These small geometric creations will spice up any living room with their simplistic yet unique designs. Due to the design's natural color, it's easy to match this decor to any type of room. No matter what shape size, or style, these Ethan Huber constructions are the perfect match to jazz up one's interior space.