'Rotterdam Told by People' Visualizes Stories of Locals and Visitors

 - Oct 23, 2014
References: catincatilea & catincatilea
'Rotterdam Told by People' is a unique set of mirror maps that is meant to promote the city in a touching, unique and authentic way. Although more art than a piece of tourist information, the mirror maps are decorated with the stories of both locals and visitors in an effort to visualize experiences in a way that reflects the collective interpretations of the city.

Available in three sizes, the mirror maps were commissioned by Sweatshop Deluxe and designed by Catinca Tilea. The 'Rotterdam Told by People' project was researched heavily and told by Stefan Blokker and includes the experiences of Alba, Ana, Anton, Fons, Helmuth, Ivar, Julian, Kostas, Margreet, Patricia, Pierre, Richard, Rob, Romee and Trudy.