These Ray-Ban Aviators are Fashionable and Functional

 - Sep 25, 2013
References: fancy & fancy
Get the UV protection you need at this time of year with these Ray-Ban Blue Mirror Aviators, which have 100% of it. Featuring gold metal frames and ocean blue lenses, these shades will protect your eyes and make you a fashion hit on the commute to work. You will turn heads left and right with these slick sunglasses.

When winter approaches, you might need more eye protection than you need in the summer. With the glare that bounces off the snow and icy ground, your eyes are at risk. That being said, winter is also a season of incredible layered fashion trends!

Now you can protect your eyes and look spiffy with these classy Ray-Ban aviators. This is an item you won’t regret because the aviator style always comes back and nothing complements skin tone like a bright hue!