Ksenia Penkina's Unique Cakes are Both Delicious and Eye-Catching

 - Feb 14, 2018
References: instagram & fubiz.net
Chef Ksenia Penkina not only creates breathtakingly beautiful mirror cakes, she also offers entry-level and advanced classes in Cake 101. From small hazelnut-orange cakes to classic mousse, mirror cakes can be monochromatic or marbled mixed colors, as well as delicately striped. The stunning food creations are made out of natural ingredients—including cream, milk, fruits, chocolates and biscuits, thus eliminating the guilt of consuming sweets. Moreover, the mirror cakes have a curious appearance that not only causes them to look delicious, but also makes them likely candidates for an art gallery display.

Ksenia Penkina's secret is contained within a "mirror glaze" technique; it results in a glossy exterior that allows for external objects to be reflected on the surface.

Photo Credits: Instagram