MiO Liquid Water Enhancer is a Lot of Taste and Zero Calories

 - Feb 26, 2011
References: on.fb.me & daveibsen.typepad
Consumers are becoming accustomed to getting exactly what they want (whether marketing is telling them they crave it or not), and Kraft MiO Liquid Water Enhancer is supplying to this self-serving demand. The new juice-like beverage is essentially a small bottle of cordial elixir that will transform insipid H2O with flavor and color.

Allowing the drinker to choose his desired concentration of taste, MiO Liquid Water Enhancer brings further customization to the realm of beverage buying. Made with artificial sweeteners and coloring, this product may not be as pure as water itself, but it sure adds a bit of bite and a healthier alternative to soft drinks.