Mr. Li Will Design an Identical Miniature Version of Yourself

 - Apr 9, 2014
References: ericjou.kinja & kotaku
Beijing-based dough-kneading master Mr. Li is the man you need if you want a miniature version of yourself. These cartoonish toys are made out of materials that can be cooked and eaten. This special type of sculpting has been passed down from generation to generation in China and it has always served as a form of affordable entertainment.

Mr. Li has been making dough sculptured for over 30 years and has made a name for himself, appearing on Beijing TV. In his small work station he displays his great collection of works. The artist has predetermined bodies designed like video game, manga, anime and pop culture characters. Customers can have their faces designed on the spot and choose one of the ready-made bodies to place their miniature heads on.

For the affordable price of $45 and 20 minutes of your time, you can get your own miniature version of yourself made right before your eyes.