These Miniature Bagels Provide a New Way to Enjoy a Breakfast Staple

 - Dec 7, 2015
References: bantambagels & bustle
Starbucks is set to add miniature bagels to its extensive bakery menu. In recent years, coffee shops such as Starbucks have made an effort to offer more than just espresso and lattes. Now Starbucks is providing consumers with a tasty new way to enjoy a breakfast staple.

The latest addition to the Starbucks menu is the bagel ball, which is essentially a bagel-inspired variation of the donut hole. The miniature bagels come from Bantam Bagels, which is a New York City-based bakery that is famous for the doughy creations. The Starbucks bagel balls come in three flavors, each of which is filled with a different type of creme cheese. The flavors range from the sweet French Toast variety to the savory Everything bagel ball. The bagels cost $1.75 each or $2.95 for a set of three.

Although the bagel balls have been available at select New York City locations since the summer, the tasty treats have now been added to the menu at 500 different Starbucks locations.