The Compact Mini Shaver Grips to Your Knuckles, Not the Other Way Around

 - Nov 20, 2013
For a truly portable design, the Mini Shaver abandons the standard handle in favor of a little loop that grasps your fingers instead. This is a practical ring that's complete with four blades and comfort cushions on either side. It conveniently packs into an overnight toiletries bag and it can eject its head when a new replacement is required.

There is space for two digits to be inserted through the band, giving the user better control as he negotiates the contours of his face to barber his bristly whiskers away. The figure-eight opening has been lined with bright blue rubber that softens the feel of the Mini Shaver, making it comfortable to wear. The 2013 Red Dot concept would prove useful for managing men's mustaches and women's hairy legs alike.