Minera by Nocc Makes a Jug That Looks Pristine with Sparkling Rocks

 - May 26, 2012
References: nocc.fr & yankodesign
If the dinner table conversation starts to dwindle or get awkward, the Minera by Nocc is sure to be a conversation start-up.

Nocc's crystalline design of the Minera is a carafe that takes the form of one of nature's wonders: the geode. Geodes are beautiful crystals and minerals that form in the crevices of rock, emanating beautiful colors and textures. The Minera is inspired by this and its eye-catching design is crafted with the look and texture of real geodes.

The bumpy and uneven flow on the one side of the carafe will liven up the natural water flow. Its pristine appeal is only enhanced with a rocky crystal feature that's a gem on a water pitcher.

Minera by Nocc will reel in the complements at the dinner table.