The W.I.L.D. iPad Game is Controlled With Your Thoughts

 - Mar 4, 2011
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MindGames, an Icelandic start-up company, has released W.I.L.D., the world’s first mind-controlled iPad game. W.I.L.D. stands for "Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreaming," and in the game, players navigate a waking dream with concentration and meditation. With the power of the mind, players can do "simple things" such as putting out fires, bending spoons and creating galaxies.

Players control the W.I.L.D. game using headsets like the PLX XWave and NeuroSky MindSet, which read your brainwaves. MindGames released the world’s first mind-controlled iPhone app last December, called Tug of Mind, in which people can take a picture of someone they don’t like, record an annoying phrase they say and practice on keeping calm while dealing with that person.

The MIT-trained brains behind MindGames say that this is only the start of what is to come from the company in the coming months. Five new levels will be added to W.I.L.D. next month, so we better get ready to see some more of the world’s first mind-controlled iPad game.