The Millennium Falcon Sun Shade is a Fun Way to Beat the Heat

 - Sep 3, 2013
References: awesomeinventions & fancy
If you have ever wanted to feel as though you were part of the Star Wars franchise, then the Millennium Falcon Sun Shade is just what you need.

In the summer months, if you live in a hot climate, the sun can be incredibly powerful. When your car sits outside all day, it can get very hot inside, and if you have leather seats, you may not even be able to sit down. Having a sun shade is a practical way to keep your vehicle cool, and free of UV rays.

This sun shade has characters from Star Wars printed on the front. It will look as though Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, Obi Wan Kenobi and Chewbacca are sitting in your car. This picture is a screen shot from inside the Millennium Falcon, and it will look as though your favorite characters are waiting for you to return.

Any Star Wars fan would love to own this Millennium Falcon Sun Shade, and then they can feel that they are part of the rebel alliance.