Mila Losenko Renders Beautiful Japanese Women in Ornate Dresses

 - Jan 31, 2012
References: losenko.deviantart & artforadults.tumblr
Asian art has been permeating western culture for quite some time now, but it’s refreshing to see it outside the contexts of tattoos and anime, like in these vibrant Mila Losenko illustrations.

Rendering beautiful women and rugged men in ornate kimonos every bit as authentic as the real thing, Mila Losenko dazzles viewers’ eyes with whimsical, yet traditional paintings. It is clear she put a lot of research into these watercolor depictions, and she even incorporates ancient Japanese art motifs like ocean waves and cumulus clouds into the backgrounds of some pieces. The technical execution and fidelity to Asian art simply commands respect from her audiences.

Not limiting herself to Japan, Mila Losenko also illustrates subjects in cultural eastern European garments, which she paints with equal amounts of detail, precision and care.