Mike Hawthorne Depicts Archie & Jughead as Law-Breakers

 - Jan 10, 2011
References: mikehawthorne.blogspot & lostateminor
I read Archie growing up so I was shocked when Mike Hawthorne decided to incarcerate two of Riverdale’s teenagers.

Hawthorne has decided that it’s time for the Riverdale teens to get out of high school and face the harsh realities of life. Believe it or not, the mischievous Reggie isn’t the prisoner. The picture shows a ripped Archie sporting a crew cut and tattoos with Jughead in a -- well, feminine form. Betty makes an appearance and if you look closer at the security guard’s name tag you’ll realize that it’s none other than Moose Mason himself. So why are Archie and Jughead in prison? Check out Mike Hawthorne’s blog for the full story.