The Midual Type 1 is Among the World's Most Expensive Motorbikes

 - Sep 3, 2014
References: midual & gizmag
The Midual Type 1 is an ingeniously redesigned version of classic boxer-twin motors. Production of this highly technologically accomplished motorbike will be limited to only 35 units, costing $185,400 each. The bike is well and truly targeted towards the hyper-elite market.

The Midual Type 1's flat-twin setup is designed to produce strong torque at low engine speeds but with a broad power spread, able to hit 106 horsepower at 8,000 revolutions per minute.

The bike's frame is said to be the result of "several thousand hours" of design and development. It utilizes a single-piece aluminum chassis cast together in a French aerospace foundry before being hand-shaped. Its external double wall serves as a fuel tank, an ingenious design element that has been patented.