Alchemist Treatments by Jacques Blanc

 - Aug 29, 2008
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Jacques Blanc is a modern-day King Midas, a man whose London-based company Alchemist is known by opulent trendsetters worldwide as the path to true luxury. Alchemist specializes in covering cars and their rooftops in pure 24-carat gold leaf. True trendsetters go one step further and either have precious gemstones inlaid into the gold or select a precious film of palladium or platinum to protect it.

Each car takes about a week to get the completed Midas touch. First, the surface is polished and gets a special base. Next, the gold leaf is applied, followed closely by an invisible shield. An Alchemist gold roof is scratch-proof and cannot be picked off.

Since gold is impervious to heat, air, moisture and oxygen, it's an ideal precious metal for a luxury car's roof. Alchemist roofs are signed, numbered and come with a guarantee and certificate of authenticity.