Cook Bacon in a Flash with This Microwave Bacon Rack

 - Sep 23, 2013
References: amazon
Pan frying bacon can be time-consuming, but this microwave bacon rack will allow you to prepare bacon faster than ever. Featuring actual mini racks, the device hangs your bacon (like your laundry) to ensure every side is evenly cooked at once.

Besides 360-degree cooking, the racks also serve another purpose—allowing pork grease to actually drip and collect in the tray below. The collecting of delicious grease decreases fat intake consumption. This is a huge step in the world of bacon cooking and will also be appealing to health-conscious people who still enjoy the occasional hog.

The actual rack seems to seat approximately 12 strips of bacon comfortably. Amaze your friends, cut calories, and save a ton of time with this Microwave Bacon Rack.