The Microsoft KeyFlex Controls Everything From the TV to Social Media

 - Nov 1, 2012
References: yankodesign
"Made for entertainment, not work" is the slogan for Microsoft KeyFlex, the motion-sensing remote.

The remote is truly universal, controlling all things entertainment ranging from television to social media. The volume can be adjusted with a simple tilt upwards or downwards and repeating the same motions while holding down certain keys can also fast forward or rewind the movie. Users can also squeeze the left and right handles to Like or Share something online as well.

The Micrsoft KeyFlex really gives a new meaning to lounging around lazily on weekends. Users barely have to get up or move, with the exception of manipulating the device, swerving left and right like an excited gamer. Along with pictorial instructions, the sensors can be altered so people can alter the actions to whichever command they wish.