The Microsoft Band Wearable Features Post-Golfing Support

The Microsoft Band just became unabashedly golfer-friendly. The wearable now works in conjunction with the TaylorMade myRoundPro service, allowing users to access in-depth stats once they've finished their round of golf.

The band will work with the TaylorMade golfing analytics service, and will provide Microsoft Band wearers with the ability to see detailed and mapped shot locations. Golfers can also access information on the proximity of their shot to the hole, scoring average, fairway hits and more.

Wearable technology is set to play a huge role in the sports world, both at an amateur and elite level. Golf is one sport whose amateur players are willing to spend time and money on improving their game. The Microsoft Band with TaylorMade myRoundPro service caters to these folks as well as elite golfers.