The Micro by M3D is Reliable, Consistent and Accessible

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: kickstarter & theverge
Not everyone has considered the benefits of owning their own 3D printer because, until the Micro by M3D came along, they have been promoted as commercial machinery that is expensive and specialized. In reality, the 3D printer is much more accessible than people realize and the Micro by M3D will help change that perception.

Touted as the world's "first truly consumer 3D printer," the Micro by M3D was designed around three key principles: reliability, consistency and accessibility. Equipped with Micro Motion Technology, an auto-leveling and auto-calibration system, it boasts longevity. It is also a compact, energy efficient and quiet machine that is suitable for personal living spaces. Available in five different colors, Micro by M3D will blend into existing home decor easily.