Michelin ‘Active Wheel' and Venturi Volage

 - Dec 3, 2008
References: autoblog & core77
The brand new Michelin ‘Active Wheel’ and Venturi Volage completely redefine the traditional roles of a car’s body and wheels for a true automotive reinvention.

After Michelin added rubber to their round wheels in 1895, the overall design and infrastructure of the automobile has remained relatively static; however, the Michelin ‘Active Wheel’ places all of the engine’s key components--engine, suspension, gearbox, and transmission shaft--into the wheels.

The Venturi Volage is the first car to utilize the Michelin ‘Active Wheel.’ Since all of the car’s components are housed within the wheels, the Venturi Volage body is designed expressly for maximum efficiency, safety, road performance and comfort.

In the video above, watch the Michelin ‘Active Wheel’ on the Hy-Light EV concept to get a taste of how the Venturi Volage will handle.