This Web Assembled Pavilion by Michael Jantzen Uses the Internet to Move

 - Apr 4, 2012
References: nneue
Michael Jantzen creates the Web Assembled Pavilion as his latest project where the Internet physically controls the movement of this claw-like structure.

This concept pavilion is made up of 12 sections; each of the pieces are connected to thin cables at the base, which are connected to electric motors. It all sits on a massive circular platform where tracks installed underneath allow the motor to configurate the pavilion. Internet users from around the globe contribute to the arrangement by voting; a webcam installed over the pavilion allows participants to watch the ongoing process. This is an unpredictable structure as all movements are based on majority votes.

This concept design is ideal for public parks and for keeping everyone safe; the sections of the clawing cube halts once somebody steps onto the platform. Artist Michael Jantzen attempts to explore the meaning of a changing environment in a world of disarray with most of his designs that are both meaningful and cleverly designed.