Micah Ganske Paints his Subjects with Unique Color Schemes

 - Dec 9, 2011
References: micahganske & booooooom
These Micah Ganske paintings differ greatly from the pseudo-real portraits that I'm used to seeing. That's because the Honolulu-born artist isn't simply satisfied with capturing the likeness of his subjects, he takes it a step further to add a surrealist hue to their skin. What viewers are thus treated to are images of lifelike creatures that, though reminiscent of human beings, seem more like unearthly sprites.

Micah Ganske fashions these illustrations using acrylic paint, which only makes them that much more impressive because my initial thought was that he achieved this morphed hue effect through digital editing. The odd coloring of the subjects can similarly be achieved using the colorburn filter in Photoshop. How Ganske is able to discern light so well using a set of colors that differ so greatly from human skin tones, I'll never know.