Mia Calderone Draws a Series Based on Psychological Conditions

Artists draw inspiration from all kinds of sources, and in the case of Mia Calderone, personality disorders can be used as muses. Being the ever-adventurous illustrator that she is, she rendered a series depicting individuals with borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder and depant personality disorder. Those wishing to learn more about these mental conditions may do so through Calderone’s descriptions of each respective image on her web portfolio, though her illustrations themselves provide viewers plenty of clues.

Mia Calderone is an American illustrator, and if you think a series based on personality disorders is disturbing, you may want to skip over the rest of her portfolio. Many of her creations are darkly erotic, showing women in the nude, but at the same time with their rib cages exposed. Some of the titles for her pieces amplify the taboo nature of her work.