These Drawings by Meyoko are Covered in Eccentric Details

 - Jan 28, 2012
References: meyoko & thisiscolossal
Complex and intriguing, the illustrations by German-based artist Melissa Murillo (aka Meyoko) consist of a series of bizarre skulls. However, these morbid craniums are not made of bone; they are made of a collection of mysterious images and patterns.

Using the shape of a skull as her base, Meyoko decorated the skinless heads with intricate designs inspired by the anatomy of creatures like insects and birds. Because of the illustrations high-level of detail and plethora of images, the skulls seem to lose their shape to almost become abstract drawings. This excessive imagery, however, is what makes these art pieces fantastic.

The dark and eccentric drawings by Meyoko are difficult to understand, but this difficulty doesn't take away from their strange beauty.