Subisú is a Chic New Mexican Ice Cream and Popsicles Brand

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: thedieline
Subisú is a popsicles and ice cream brand based in Mexico City. Created by Futura agency, the branding for Subisú is happy, lighthearted and uninhibited. Shot against a light purple background, the branding visuals for Subisú pop and prove their worth. Continued from the background, the rest of the visuals include similarly pastel hues that delight and feel nostalgic.

The name for Subisú is partially inspired by the French song that repeats the words 'Bisou Bisou,' made even more famous recently by Megan Draper of Mad Men. The lettering of the new brand name is strewn about the front of the packaging is loose but effective haphazard logo, while the insides of the boxes feature dizzying, multicolored patchwork patterns.