'MeVitae' Uses Artificial Intelligence to Limit Unconscious Bias

 - May 16, 2018
References: mevitae & techcrunch
Even when one is aware of potential biases in the hiring practices, it's incredibly difficult to remove unconscious biases (and even more so when one has a limited amount of time to glean through hundreds of CVs and resumes), so MeVitae is working to harness artificial intelligence for the task. The company uses what it refers to as "augmented intelligence" to both speed up the recruitment process while avoiding the prejudices and biases that are common for companies undergoing hiring rounds.

MeVitae is designed to work in conjunction with companies' current Application Tracking System, or ATS. The program analyses all the resumes on the ATS and ranks them with a score. Hirers receive this short list of scores, and they also see a "road map" that shows how MeVitae come to that decision.