Darren Aronofsky Meth Project Ads Provide Disturbing Look into Addiction

 - Nov 9, 2011
References: methproject.org & youtube
Celebrity director Darren Aronofsky has directed a series of Meth Project ads to go with the recently launched MethProject.org site.

Drug abuse is no light matter, and anti-drug organizations like Meth Project know what it takes to get consumer attention. The new ads are chilling and disturbing, exactly what you would expect from a modern and boundary-pushing anti-drug campaign. Featuring ads called ‘Deep End’ (shown here) and ‘Desperate,’ which shows a young man desperate for money to buy meth, these Meth Project ads offer a disturbing and harsh look at the reality of meth addiction. The chilling ads pinpoint the all-to-real effects of meth use and how it leads to a person’s decline, both physically and emotionally.

Visit MethProject.org for more of the TV spots by Aronofsky.