A Pair of ByAMT Page Markers Outlines the Exact Word Where You Left Off

 - Apr 3, 2015
References: byamt & betterlivingthroughdesign
For book lovers with a passion for precision, these metal bookmarks make the experience of reading a little bit more efficient. ByAMT made this pair for Shop Cooper Hewitt, creating additional beautiful design to celebrate the wonder of printed text.

One of the exclusive brass bookmarks is stamped with 'WORD' while the other has been impressed with 'PAGE.' When it comes time to put down your book, clip both of these page savers over the leaf on which you're leaving off, and there they can help you tell your future self where to pick up once more.

Position the Page one vertically so that the rectangular window surrounds the page number; meanwhile, align the Word bookmark horizontally to frame the last line that you read.