This App Lets Users Send Messages to Loved Ones After They Die

 - Nov 26, 2015
References: safebeyond & fastcoexist
'SafeBeyond' is a new app that allows users to send messages to loved ones after they die. For those who want to ensure their presence lives on long after they are gone, SafeBeyond provides the perfect outlet.

SafeBeyond is available as a web app or an Android application. The app must be set up in advance so that users can appoint heirs who will receive the post-mortem messages. Users can also appont trustees who will be in charge of delivering each message. The idea is that users can begin stockpiling messages for future birthdays, weddings, graduations and other momentous occasions. After the user has passed away, trustees are tasked with getting each message to the correct person at the right time.

While the app may seem a little bit spooky, it ultimately provides a way for users to send messages to loved ones longer after they are gone.