The Mercedes-Benz Adolf Ad Changes History Using a Luxury Sedan

 - Sep 1, 2013
References: carbuzz
Before you watch the Mercedes-Benz Adolf ad, you must know that the German automaker is not affiliated with it in any way shape or form. The video was shot by a group of film students who set out to put a sinister spin on the company's Collision Prevention Assist system. The system works to help drivers avoid accidents, but in the case of this ad it actually causes them.

The Mercedes-Benz Adolf ad starts off innocently enough with a MB sedan heading through a country village. The sedan's Collision Prevention Assist system helps the car avoid hitting a group of small children. The next scene shows the car running down a small child, with the implicit implication that said child was none other than Adolf Hitler! The spot ends with the clever (and dark, at least in this case) tagline "Detecting dangers before they come up." While Mercedes-Benz would never sanction a spot like this, there's no denying that it is a unique way to advertise an automotive safety system.