'The Saddest Place on Earth' Boxed Set of Melancholy Mementos

 - Jan 25, 2009
References: mimipong & netdiver.net
‘The Saddest Place on Earth’ was an exhibit that featured the gloomy writing of various sorrow-filled artists. To commemorate the depressing event, a limited edition boxed set of sadness is offered for sale.

The kit includes a blue, weepy, runny-nosed, tear-shaped plush doll, a book with the entire collection of heartbreaking prose and a hand-embroidered ‘Hug Your Sorrow’ bookmark. Each of the little water-drop mementos includes a tag with one of the authors’ memories of what made them cry.

The whole sorry box-set is available for $115 from Mimipong or BooksActually of Singapore.