Alex Chinneck's Melting Wall Exhibit Showcases How Light Affects Art

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: alexchinneck & dezeen
Although there are millions of eye-catching architectural concepts and structures erected around the world, it's industrial artists like Alex Chinneck with his melting wall installation who are taking our appreciation of even the most basic housing structures back to basics.

Offices, houses and institutions have been intuitively constructed since human beings could dream up grand designs. Yet at its foundation, a structure is actually defined by the light that accentuates its bold design, and that's what Alex Chinneck's melting wall installation is here to prove.

Made in preparation for his full-scale melting house planned for 2014, the melting wall is made from blocks of dyed paraffin wax made to look like standard bricks. Using natural sunlight and a blow torch, the melting wall was made to display the inseparable relationship between architecture and light.