The 'Easypill' System Digitizes Pill-Taking Procedures

 - Feb 10, 2017
References: yankodesign
Designed with the elderly in mind, the 'Easypill' medication system is intended to be an effective way to remind users to take their medication and keep them on the right schedule.

The 'Easypill' system consists of the Pillpad that allows various medications to be placed on it and will automatically let users know which medication it's time to take. This is done by illuminating in order to make it clear which medication needs to be taken.

The 'Easypill' medication system features smartphone connectivity that can do double duty to remind a person to take their pills as well as sending an alert to a loved one. This can be sent if the person forgets to take their medication or simply to let you know they're taking it.

The 'Easypill' system is the design work of Chung Yen-Chang.