The Medical Snake Robot can Perform Surgery in Hard-to-Reach Areas

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: ocrobotics & io9
Looking like a lot like something that came from the lab of a Spider Man villain, this medical snake robot is actually designed to effectively locate and remove tumors from the human body. However, unlike Doc Ock’s metal limbs which had a tendency to work of their own accord, this surgical tool must be controlled by a highly skilled surgeon at all times.

The design for the robot came from OC Robotics in Bristol and, while it’s still just a prototype, researchers are convinced that it will have the potential to help hundreds of people who are affected by tumors in sensitive areas that make surgery much more difficult.

According to Safia Danovi from Cancer Research UK, innovation and research are extremely important in tackling diseases like cancer. "Surgery is a cornerstone treatment for cancer so new technologies making it even more precise and effective are crucial," says Danovi. "Thanks to research, innovations such as keyhole surgery and robotics are transforming the treatment landscape for cancer patients and this trend needs to continue."