The Human Support Robot Provides Added Assistance to the Disabled

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: & gizmag
In an effort to help the disabled live more independently, Toyota has unveiled what it's calling the Human Support Robot.

The Human Support Robot, or HSR for short, is specially designed to help with tasks like picking up fallen objects, fetching items and closing curtains. Its resting height is 2.7 feet tall, but the body is telescopic and can grow to 4.3 feet when needed. the HSR is also outfitted with a single 2.5 foot arm that it uses to grasp and manipulate objects.

Commands can be programmed and issued to the HSR via a tablet PC. the HSR can also support a tablet PC as a headpiece to make it seem less emotionless, or to allow caregivers and family members to communicate with the robot's owner through services like Skype.

Although the Human Support Robot was created with the disabled and elderly in mind, it's easy to see how any lazy person would want to have this little helper around at all times to perform simple tasks -- like inserting Cheetos in your mouth while you play Call of Duty.