These Fungus-Infused Medical Inhalers Will Replace Vaccination Needles

 - Jul 17, 2015
References: dezeen
Royal College of Art graduate Celine Park has created a mushroom medical inhaler that will eliminate the need to use needles. While inhalers are currently used to temporarily relieve those with asthma, this idea will treat issues by increaseing people's immune systems to fight current and future virus invasions.

The conceptual idea of this project is to impregnate "the fungi with weakened viruses, allowing its spores to carry vaccines into the bloodstream through the lungs using an inhaler." This concept specifically targets attenuated vaccines. Mushrooms and fungus are loaded with existing bacteria and viruses which make them the perfect counter-balancing virus eliminator.

This project was presented during the Graduation show 2015. While the organic medical inhaler prototypes displayed looked like whimsical Dr. Seuss accessories the concept is worth developing.